Innovative Building Systems (“IBS”) commenced business in 1997 using Autoclaved Aerated
Concrete (“AAC”) which is an revolutionary product, conceived over 60 years ago in West Germany
and has gained worldwide acceptance.
Hebel has been in Australia for over 17 years and over 60% of homes in Japan are built with Hebel,
while Eco Block has been around for 2 years.

AAC is very environmentally attractive using very little waste, even the steam generated is recycled
and the low bulk density of AAC means that less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials
are used than for other masonry products.
AAC is unique with many of its properties being unable to be met by another building product alone
in both commercial and residential building projects due to its long list of advantages being:
thermal insulation, energy efficiency, fire resistance, it's excellent acoustic performance, easily
worked with power tools and manual tools, quick and easy to install, lightweight and
environmentally friendly.
As a result, CSR Hebel has earned the prestigious, internationally recognised "Good Environmental
Choice – Australia" label.

IBS has become a recognized supplier, distributor and installer of CSR Hebel and Eco Block.
Some of the many projects IBS has been involved in are the construction of high rise office
buildings, the eastern freeway tunnel vents, architectural designer housing and apartment blocks.
IBS most recent achievement through Nillunbuk Council has been to design and build the first bush
fire survival shelters.

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